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A New World, copyright © Korst AdamA New WorldClose
New Frontiers, copyright © Foote AiriNew FrontiersNorthwest Fusion, copyright © Foote AiriNorthwest FusionClose
Face Under Face, copyright © Flory AlFace Under FaceImprov, copyright © Flory AlImprovClose
Oregon Dunes 1, copyright © Greene AllenOregon Dunes 1Close
61 Studebaker has seen better days, copyright © Lancaster Anna61 Studebaker has seen better daysThink it over, copyright © Lancaster AnnaThink it overClose
Curb Appeal, copyright © Honeyman BrendaCurb AppealLucky Driftwood, copyright © Honeyman BrendaLucky DriftwoodClose
Don't Fence Me In, copyright © Axtman CarlaDon't Fence Me InClose
La Maravilla La Habana, copyright © Molina CarlosLa Maravilla La Habana *Casa en el Paso Color La Habana, copyright © Molina CarlosCasa en el Paso Color La HabanaClose
Madrone at the Bishops Close, copyright © Mason Carol KMadrone at the Bishops CloseClose
On the Go, copyright © Helton ChristineOn the GoIn the Shadow of the Louvre, copyright © Helton ChristineIn the Shadow of the LouvreClose
Family Tree, copyright © Zachary ChristineFamily TreeClose
Puget Rocks, copyright © St John ChuckPuget RocksSummer Sentinels, copyright © St John ChuckSummer SentinelsClose
Cascade Head, copyright © Lommasson CindyCascade HeadHaystack, copyright © Lommasson CindyHaystackClose
Stephanie, copyright © Worlein, CPSA CJStephanie *Patty II, copyright © Worlein, CPSA CJPatty IIClose
Approaching the Dark Tower, copyright © Castle DavidApproaching the Dark TowerNear Oceanside, OR Around 10:30 am, copyright © Castle DavidNear Oceanside, OR Around 10:30 amClose
Lily Pond, copyright © Wagoner DeeLily PondLisa, copyright © Wagoner DeeLisaClose
He Rules the Roost II, copyright © Nadal DianaHe Rules the Roost IIBirds Eye View, copyright © Nadal DianaBirds Eye ViewTrain of Feathers, copyright © Nadal DianaTrain of FeathersClose
Georgia, copyright © Pinney Diane OGeorgiaClose
Boundless, copyright © Schwartz DonBoundlessClose
Guardian, copyright © Stevens DonnaGuardianClose
Wetland Blues, copyright © Stevens EmilyWetland BluesClose
Copper and Turquoise, copyright © Fritz EvelynCopper and TurquoiseClose
Feeling Blue, copyright © Utomo GabhorFeeling BlueFlower Girl, copyright © Utomo GabhorFlower GirlSoup Cans, copyright © Utomo GabhorSoup CansClose
The Farm, copyright © Schweser GeorgeThe FarmClose
Antique Horse Reflection, copyright © Peek GigiAntique Horse ReflectionAntique Carousel Black Panther, copyright © Peek GigiAntique Carousel Black PantherClose
Five sided vase, copyright © Decherd GlennFive sided vaseTall Horsley vase, copyright © Decherd GlennTall Horsley vaseClose
After You, copyright © Rothermel JanetAfter YouAgainst the Sky, copyright © Rothermel JanetAgainst the SkyClose
Winter Café, copyright © Wade JanetWinter CaféSentinels, copyright © Wade JanetSentinelsClose
Forsaken Feast, copyright © Grandmaison JedForsaken Feast *Close
MAX Portland, copyright © Chen JennieMAX PortlandDowntown, copyright © Chen JennieDowntownClose
Swamp #2, copyright © Cox JenniferSwamp #2Close
Trail in Love, copyright © Delaurenti JenniferTrail in LoveClose
Ramona Creek Falls, copyright © Rowley JimRamona Creek FallsClose
Saving Grace, copyright © Radmilovich Kollman Joanne Saving GraceThe Thinker, copyright © Radmilovich Kollman Joanne The ThinkerFacing East, copyright © Radmilovich Kollman Joanne Facing EastClose
Sunrise Lake Manasarovar Tibet, copyright © Whittington JoeSunrise Lake Manasarovar TibetLock Patan Nepal, copyright © Whittington JoeLock Patan NepalClose
Cross Circuit, copyright © Forbes JulieCross CircuitSomewhere Over the Landfill, copyright © Forbes JulieSomewhere Over the LandfillClose
Madam Treefrog, copyright © Becker JustinMadam TreefrogMountain Lake, copyright © Becker JustinMountain LakeClose
Mosaic Puzzle, copyright © Whitney KandyseMosaic PuzzleSeeing Red, copyright © Whitney KandyseSeeing RedClose
Montinore Vineyards West, copyright © Doyle  KarenMontinore Vineyards WestPurple and Gold, copyright © Doyle  KarenPurple and GoldClose
Magpie Gold, copyright © Van Hoy KarenMagpie GoldClose
Golden Acorn, copyright © Ampersand KateGolden AcornTunnel Vision, copyright © Ampersand KateTunnel VisionClose
Blooming Roses, copyright © Silloway KathleenBlooming RosesPDX Bon Voyage, copyright © Silloway KathleenPDX Bon VoyageClose
Treasure, copyright © Hacker KathyTreasureClose
Sunrise, copyright © Sallos KatieSunriseSwans Way, copyright © Sallos KatieSwans WayClose
Mussel Beach, copyright © Collins, CPSA Kelly PMussel BeachClose
Plug Me In, copyright © Sellers KristinaPlug Me InWinter Twigs, copyright © Sellers KristinaWinter TwigsClose
Purple Roses, copyright © Nelson LanaPurple RosesClose
Tranquility, copyright © Hopper LauraTranquilityClose
Turquoise Woman, copyright © Brinkman LisaTurquoise WomanClose
Anticipation, copyright © Thoresen LizAnticipationEvening Arrangement, copyright © Thoresen LizEvening ArrangementClose
Abalone Fields, copyright © Latham LoriAbalone FieldsIsland Dreams, copyright © Latham LoriIsland DreamsClose
Come Sail Away, copyright © Washabaugh Lynn   Come Sail AwayClose
Ancient Sea, copyright © Taylor Lynne MAncient SeaClose
Peaches, copyright © Haley MabelPeachesClose
Chaos Order, copyright © Petty Marcia AChaos OrderClose
Fall Clearance, copyright © Silveroli Marilyn Fall ClearanceClose
Looking Through the Layers, copyright © Davis Marilyn CLooking Through the LayersClose
Maybe I've Been There, copyright © Cleary MelodyMaybe I've Been There *Where I Go, copyright © Cleary MelodyWhere I GoClose
Bend Landscape #3, copyright © Mason MichaelBend Landscape #3 *Close
Lavender Bike, copyright © McDade MichaelLavender BikeSunday Morning, copyright © McDade MichaelSunday MorningClose
Black Ice, copyright © Loen Michael JBlack IceClose
Men in Suits, copyright © Kelly Michael RMen in Suits *Evening Vessels, copyright © Kelly Michael REvening VesselsClose
Cherry Tree, copyright © Riedell NancyCherry TreeRed Grass, copyright © Riedell NancyRed GrassClose
Lavender Valley, copyright © Zhang NancyLavender ValleyClose
Rue de Bourbon, copyright © Breaux NateRue de BourbonFrench Hill Town, copyright © Breaux NateFrench Hill TownClose
Fleeting, copyright © Barnes PaigeFleetingClose
Patience, copyright © Cameron PatricePatience *Comfort, copyright © Cameron PatriceComfortClose
Faded Blooms, copyright © Mark Patricia LFaded BloomsDogwood Branches, copyright © Mark Patricia LDogwood BranchesClose
Bumble Bees Die 2, copyright © Palmer-Baker PattieBumble Bees Die 2Close
Temptation, copyright © Meyer PhyllisTemptationClose
Golden Lights, copyright © Bawa Ram SinghGolden LightsClose
Nature Always Wins, copyright © Benoit RebeccaNature Always WinsStairway to Heaven, copyright © Benoit RebeccaStairway to HeavenCustom Camper, copyright © Benoit RebeccaCustom CamperClose
Edgefield Beauty, copyright © Becic Robin EEdgefield BeautyPoppn on the 4th of July, copyright © Becic Robin EPoppn on the 4th of JulyClose
Twisted Passion, copyright © Fagin ShelleyTwisted PassionClose
Arizona Bloom, copyright © Moomey SherrieArizona BloomSt John's Bridge, copyright © Moomey SherrieSt John's BridgeClose
Rose Bush, copyright © Kekule StephenRose BushWatching Waiting, copyright © Kekule StephenWatching WaitingClose
Babel, copyright © Gibbs SuniaBabelEnergy, copyright © Gibbs SuniaEnergyClose
Garden Belles, copyright © Garvey SuzanneGarden BellesClose
Citroen Green, copyright © Kitman SuzyCitroen GreenClose
Embers Peony, copyright © Tompkins Read TeriEmbers PeonyClose
Mardi-Dog, copyright © Neal TerriMardi-DogWho is Watching Who, copyright © Neal TerriWho is Watching WhoThe Number of Destiny, copyright © Neal TerriThe Number of DestinyClose
Roses, copyright © Grant TerryRosesUtah Train, copyright © Grant TerryUtah TrainClose
Santa Rita Mine, copyright © Beach ThomasSanta Rita MineClose
Going Home, copyright © Loh Tien-chuGoing Home *Pillars, copyright © Loh Tien-chuPillarsClose
Afloat, copyright © Jaskoski TimAfloatSpawn of the Sun's Nurturing Rays, copyright © Jaskoski TimSpawn of the Sun's Nurturing RaysFlowers Rock Vase and Clouds, copyright © Jaskoski TimFlowers Rock Vase and CloudsClose
Alcatraz, copyright © Worden TravisAlcatrazTears of the Arizona, copyright © Worden TravisTears of the ArizonaClose
Etude 1, copyright © Malone TupperEtude 1Freedom Two, copyright © Malone TupperFreedom TwoClose
Let's Taste the Future Together, copyright © Reeves VeronicaLet's Taste the Future Together *Soft Voice and Smoke, copyright © Reeves VeronicaSoft Voice and SmokeSpirit Survival Plan, copyright © Reeves VeronicaSpirit Survival PlanClose
Across America, copyright © Shepard Victoria LeeAcross AmericaNavigating, copyright © Shepard Victoria LeeNavigatingDrifting, copyright © Shepard Victoria LeeDriftingClose
Crabby, copyright © Stroud Ward JeneCrabbyCelestial Counsel, copyright © Stroud Ward JeneCelestial CounselClose
Twilight in Portland, copyright © Escobar WashingtonTwilight in PortlandClose
Plum Blossoms in Los Gatos Creek Park, copyright © Shabrova YelenaPlum Blossoms in Los Gatos Creek ParkClose

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