Proposed Development Projects

Denney Whitford/Raleigh West Projects

The following proposals in Denney Whitford/Raleigh West have been submitted to the City for development review, annexation to the City, Development Code Text Amendments, Land Use Map and Zoning Map Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

Types of Project Exhibits

McKay Elementary School Street Vacation (updated (6/7/2019)



Vicinity Map:

Appeal of DI2017-0003 Oregon Beverage Recycling Collective Beverage Container Redemption Center (updated (6/7/2018)


Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) Beverage Container Redemption Center (BCRC) Director's Interpretation (updated (1/16/2018)


Chick-Fil-A Extended Hours (updated (12/27/2017)


Verizon Wireless Facility at 7400 SW Scholls Ferry Road (updated (10/24/2017)

WF201-0011, ADJ2017-0004, VAR2017-0005, DR2017-0124

Vicinity Map:

Garage Sale Warehouse Food Cart Pod - Applicant is seeking approval of a Food Cart Pod application to locate six (6) individual food carts with associated utilities, tables/chairs and refuse/recycling facilities. (updated (3/10/2017)


Vicinity Map:

International Paper Significant Grove Tree Removal (updated (9/2/2016)



Vicinity Map:

Projects within a NAC

Proposed Projects: All Categories

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