Special Events Permit Application

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FAQ for Special Event and Temporary Use Permits

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The city code does not allow events to last more than three consecutive days and an applicant to place more than one application request within a three month period in the same location.

Special Requirements
Will sound amplification be used?
Sound Amplifier Information

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Street / Intersection Closure Requested?
If your event is taking place in a Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) Park,
do you have a confirmed reservation with THPRD?
Will alcohol be served or sold?
Alcohol Service

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Will there be rides (i.e. carnival rides, hot air balloons) at this event?
Carnival Rides

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Sanitation, Safety & Sustainability

Insurance & Publicity

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City of Beaverton - Acknowledgement / Assumption of Risk

“I, the undersigned applicant, represent by my signature that a copy of the City’s policy for special events, including sound amplification and traffic control, has been provided to me. I understand and agree to follow this policy. I understand and agree that the failure of the event to follow the terms and conditions of the City’s policy and this permit and any other laws may result in the immediate revocation of this permit. In such circumstance, I agree to the immediate cessation of all permitted activities. I understand and agree that I may only use approved devices such as plastic cones and wooden saw horses to block vehicle traffic from a public area. I am aware of the risk that vehicle operators may not observe those devices and could enter the area notwithstanding those devices, causing personal injury, bodily injury and property damage to persons and property within the closed area. I expressly assume that risk in consideration of the City’s approval of this permit application, as indicated by the Mayor’s signature. I understand and agree that unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the City will not take any special measures to enforce the closure of the event area. I agree to hold the City of Beaverton. its agents, officials and employees, harmless from, and indemnify it and them against any and all claims brought by any person alleging personal or bodily injury or property damage as a result of this event or a person’s participation in it, and not caused by an act of the City of Beaverton other than the City’s grant of permission to conduct this event.”



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