Special Events Permit Application

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FAQ for Special Event and Temporary Use Permits

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Sponsor / Organizer of Event

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Event Information

Check the Beaverton map to see if your event takes place in Beaverton.

Note: If part, or all, of the event falls outside of the city boundaries, then it will be the responsibility of the applicant to contact and receive approval from any other jurisdiction(s).

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Is this event to benefit a charitable cause or non-profit organization?
Will Admission be charged?

Enter dates (format: MM/DD/YY) and times (format: h:mm)

The city code does not allow events to last more than three consecutive days and an applicant to place more than one application request within a three month period in the same location.

Special Requirements
Will sound amplification be used?
Sound Amplifier Information

List Dates (format: MM/DD/YY) and Times (format: h:mm) that amplified sound will be used:


Street / Intersection Closure Requested?
Note: Road closures are subject to the availability of Beaverton Police Department staff and may incur a fee for staff hours.

If your event is taking place in a Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) Park,
do you have a confirmed reservation with THPRD?
Will alcohol be served or sold?
Note: If serving or selling alcohol at an event, please check with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to determine if a license is required.
Alcohol Service

Alcohol will be:

Alcohol will be allowed:

Will there be rides (i.e. carnival rides, hot air balloons) at this event?
Carnival Rides

Is this a special athletic event?
Athletic Event Type of Event:


Sanitation, Safety & Sustainability

Insurance & Publicity

Do you have insurance to cover the event?

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