Community Garden Registration Form 2019

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Update: All plots in Community Center and Welch-Centennial Gardens have been assigned. Plots are still available in Kennedy Gardens.

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View maps showing availability: Community Center | Kennedy Gardens | Welch-Centennial

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I state that I am 18 years of age or older and in good physical health and aware of my physical limitations. I request that the City of Beaverton as lessor and the St. Matthew Lutheran Church as owner of the property known as the Kennedy Community Garden allow me to use an assigned space in the garden during this season. Alternatively, I request use of an assigned space in the City owned property known as Welch Centennial Community Gardens or Community Center Gardens. I state that I am aware of and accept the risks associated with gardening including, but not limited to, physical exertion, terrain, exposure to the sun, temperature, pollen and/or other allergens, insect/rodent exposure and the risks of operating or being near others who are operating mechanical equipment or applying chemicals in gardening.

With full knowledge of those risks, in exchange for permission to use the City and St. Matthew Lutheran Church Property, I for myself, and my heirs, executors and assigns hereby waive and agree to hold the City and St. Matthew Lutheran Church and their agents and employees harmless from any and all claims or legal actions or suits I might otherwise be able to assert for personal or bodily injury or damage to my property arising out of my own or other permittees entry onto and use of the Community Gardens property.

Questions about your garden registration? Please email: or call at: 503-526-2665.